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    Study for VCP6-CMA - How?

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      So there are plenty of materials out for the VCP6-DCV certification (Books, Trials for Software to use). I am finding zero help on anything for this certification field. I can understand that the official book is not out yet because its still new. I cant seem to wrap my head around why you cant get the automation software to practice the install with. I than  thought the VMug Advantage was my solution so I resigned up, because I remembered you get access to the vCloud Suite. Well it is no longer true... or i cant seem to find an answer, it seems that signing up at this moment is a punishment for using the vCloud Suite Standard Software.


      It now comes with version 7 which now does not include vCAC except in Advance and above, also you cannot downgrade your vCloud Suite license down to 6 which would give you access (I think it does anyways). How do you study for this test other than the class?


      I am more of a hands on person and wish to continue but in this case i think VMWare is making it to hard to continue down this road. I am trying not to rant so if someone has a suggestion for an alternative to learn this field, please let me know.



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          you cna downlaod a trial of vRA 6 which is what the VCP6-CMA is based on and build it in your lab. Or you cna use the free VMware Hands On Labs and just open a vRA 6 lab but instead of following the script you do your own stuff in the lab until the time runs out.


          As for resources I listed the ones i used for my VCP6-CMA here: https://thesaffageek.co.uk/vsphere-6-x-cma-study-resources/vcp6-cma/ 



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            Hey firestartah,


            I appreciate your response in regards to my question. As of a few months ago you are no longer able to get the vCloud suite trials, they have been replaced by hands on lab. While the hands on lab is great, I still would like the real thing in my test environment so I can see how real case scenarios would play out with the products. VMug Advantage also no longer supports vCloud with vRA since VMWare changed the packaging.


            I really do appreciate the link you sent to study off! I will defiantly dive into it to learn somethings.



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              Hey guys,


              It has been a while since I had asked this question and just wanted to bump it up to see if anyone has any experience in accomplishing what I was looking for. With the VMUG advantage under vCloud suite you are presented with two serial keys, one is for Ent Plus and the other is for?? VMUG support has been unable to identify what it actually attaches so, so if you have this service and you figured out the product it belongs too I would be also grateful. I know their is the hands on lab, I just don't feel that is sufficient for me as I like to break everything as much as possible  but keep my environment in tac to rebuild everything. Also if I figured something out I do not want to have to start over to set it up again.


              Thanks guys for the help!

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                Tried the serial tracker ?




                It should show the products associated with the keys. Although not sure how it works with VMUG keys.