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    ESXi 6.5 installation issue

    gemini3 Lurker

      I have an ASRock Q1900-ITX board where I want to run ESXi 6.5 on.

      The hypervisor should be installed on a USB stick.

      The installation stuck at "Relocating modules and starting up the kernel". Even after 1 hour until I stop the installation.

      The same result with a preconfigured installation with custom drivers using the ESXi-Customizer-script


      My steps in troubleshooting:

      - ignoreHeadless=TRUE according to Brians Graf's suggestion http://www.vtagion.com/esxi-installation-relocating-modules-starting-kernel

      - Deactivate ACPI in BIOS

      - Change Video-RAM from Auto to 64MB

      None of the above helped.


      However, I found out that the Hypervisor is running, answering to ping and the Website is accessable and fully working even the local console still states "Relocating modules...".


      Does anyone know what causes the issue and how can I make the local console working?

      Any ideas are appreciated.

      I'm not happy about a Hypervisor where i cannot access the local console.