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    Windows 10 Start Menu not working after refresh/recompose

    hermanc01 Enthusiast

      Has anyone else run into this issue or know anything about it?  If I provision a new linked-clone VM running Windows 10 and log into it with using a writable volume (UIA plus profile template), refresh or recompose, then login again, the Start Menu and Edge don't work at all.


      Here are the steps I'm testing with.

      • Provision a Windows 10 VM using linked-clones
        • Nothing is on the base VM except VMware Tools, Horizon Agent, and App Volumes Agent
        • I've also applied the Windows 10 optimization settings from VMware (minus a few settings)
      • Login with a new writable volume assigned to the user account
      • Verify Start Menu / Edge work fine
      • Create a small text file on the desktop to confirm when we log back in that it's attaching the writable volume
      • Restart
      • Manually initiate a refresh or recompose
      • Login; notice the text file exists and it shows the writable is attached
      • Attempt to use Start Menu / Edge and neither work


      Here's my environment.

      • Windows 10 build 1511.1 (April 2016) 64-bit
      • VMware Horizon 7.0
      • App Volumes 2.10


      I do have some AppStacks assigned to my user account but I can't foresee how that would break things.