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    Are all labs pre-created with a specific purpose?

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      Hey all, I was speaking with a VMware rep at a conference and I was told that on the HOL web site I'd be able to create my own scenarios. All I've been able to find so far are labs that have already been created for a specific purpose. Have I missed a section somewhere or was my VMware rep misinformed?




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          Some labs are created to explain a specific feature, while others are oriented more toward showing how the solution can be leveraged to address a specific use case. In many cases, both types leverage the same vPod. Once you launch a lab, you have full control over the vPod. We give you admin rights to vCenter to manage the infrastructure and other solutions too. You might find a use case lab where you are provided with limited privilege credentials for the scenario, but if you try administrator, admin, administrator@vsphere.local, etc. with the same password, you can usually get full rights (or switch labs with the same base SKU eg 1703) to find the manual that includes the admin credentials. Once you have that, you can customize the pod yourself, such as creating users, cloning VMs, etc., to meet your needs.


          Many of us use HOL as demo environments for customers doing this very thing. You can even use the Extend Time button to keep a pod active for the better part of a day.


          Hope that explains how you can achieve what you we told at the conference.