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        sfalls Lurker

        This has been happening to my 5 ibm and 1 Lenovo hosts since we updated our VDI environment back in May.  VMware says it is a driver issue and wants me to contact NVidia which I have no direct way to do since the cards were purchased thru IBM/Lenovo and, Lenovo just wants to replace hardware.  Has there been any solution to this yet?  I am getting ready to revert back to esxi 5.5 and view 6.2 during Christmas break so that the Spring semester will be stable.  This has really given our VDI environment and me a "Blackeye".

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          DaneTruscott Novice

          Has anyone got a fix for this yet? 28/11/2016 I'm getting the exact same PSOD as Fpuma image.

          This has now happened a couple of times, running DL380Gen9 02/06/2016 Firmware, HPE-ESXi-6.0.0-update2-iso-600.

          ESXi 6.0.0, 3620759


          We are using these for pass-through only.

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            Fpuma Novice



            Yes it's finally fixed(waiting 3 months in production environment) , we were one of the test cases.

            I had the idea vmware has there own test lab but apparently, we customers are the test lab

            I asked for the kb , this was the answer:

            There is no specific KB released for this issue yet as it was just documented in the internal bug reports.

            But the solution was in patch3 which is now for 6/7 weeks stable


            Our Baseline Vsphere(installing patch 3 should be enough)


            1. Clean install of VMware-VMvisor-Installer-6.0.0.update02-3620759.x86_64-Dell_Customized-A00.iso
            2. Manual install of newest nvidia driver: esxcli software vib install --no-sig-check -v /vmfs/volumes/Vmfs_Phenix10_Viewstore_22_2TB/Bundles/New/NVIDIA-kepler-VMware_ESXi_6.0_Host_Driver_361.45.09-1OEM.600.0.0.2494585.vib
            3. Manual install of Fusion-io driver esxcli software vib install –d /vmfs/volumes/Vmfs_Phenix10_Viewstore_22_2TB/Bundles/scsi-iomemory-vsl-60L-
            4. Patch 03 updates(8-4-2016) through update manager, results:




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