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    Module.actions not working

    Mads Fog Albrechtslund Enthusiast

      Basic workflow, with just one input/attribute, named "theModule" of type "Module".

      Selecting any random Module


      A scriptable task, with just 2 simple lines of code:




      Line1 will output "undefined"

      Line2 will throw a error: "Cannot read property "length" from undefined"


      I have personally tested this on both vRO v7.0.1 and vRO v7.1.

      I have also confirmation from other people testing this on vRO v7.0.1 and vRO v7.2


      Anyway to get this to work?

      Or is this a actual bug, that seems to have been in the software for at least the last 3 versions?


      vRO API Browser - Module Actions.jpg