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    VROPS 6.3 SNMP Trap Filtering

    kaufmanm Novice

      I was excited to see this feature in the release notes for 6.3:


      • Filtered SNMP Trap Alert Notifications


      Previously, enabling the SNMP Trap outbound plug-in caused every alert and update to be sent to the destination, which in our environment was thousands a day, most of which we didn't want in our event management tool, so it required a lot of filtering and strain on that end. The documentation for 6.3 still indicates this is the case:


      "All filtering of the alerts that are sent as SNMP traps must occur on the destination host. You cannot filter the alerts based on notification settings invRealize Operations Manager."

      vRealize Operations Manager 6.3 Information Center  | SNMP Trap Plug-In


      What I found was previously enabling the SNMP Trap outbound plug-in sent all alerts, but wasn't listed under Content -> Notifications. In the new version, a new Notification appeared mapping all alerts to the SNMP Trap outbound plug-in. To limit the number of traps sent I deleted that rule and created a new notification to send SNMP traps only for the particular alert rules I wanted sent. Just a heads up if you were looking for how this worked, the linked documentation should be updated with information about the new functionality.