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    vCenter sending incorrect DNS requests of non-existants hosts

    stephentzsamal Lurker

      vCenter is in an A/D domain:


      vCenter DNS suffix search order is:





      ESXi hosts are all resolvable using:



      ESXi hosts are added to vCenter inventory as host.corp.com


      From vCenter, host.corp.com is resolvable, no issues.


      When looking at DNS request packet traces from our vCenter, instead of requesting for one request (host.corp.com - they way it was added in its inventory) it's always trying all three in the order of the suffix search, i.e.:

      host.corp.pvt (results in bad request)

      host.corp.local (results in bad request)

      host.corp.com (finally gets a positive return)


      This has no impact to vCenter/Host connectivity, just trying to understand and potentially get an explanation as to why vCenter would behave like this if the FQDN was provided for the host?