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    Insane high OSI count, despite actual # OSI's being well below 100

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      I just implemented LogInsight 3.6 at a customer (100 OSI License). Done that xxxxx times. This time we noticed something really wierd. The customer has 4 Horizon View 6.2.2 PODs with in total 10 Connection Brokers, 4 vCenters and 52 ESX Servers. So total ISO count is 66 if my math is correct.


      LogInsights counts thousands of OSI's

      (resulting in the license-violation thingy screaming like it's butt is on fire...)


      At first glance, we see that VDI VM's get counted too (which explains the bizarre high count). We see that the "source" is a connection broker, but the hostname in that same entry is often a VDI Desktop vm.


      We have not installed any View Content packs etc. by the way.


      I thought this kind behaviour was something of the past. I know LogInsight will keep working despite the violation but ehrm, is this normal?



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