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    2017 VCDX Schedule

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      Here it is - the new calendar with application deadlines and defense dates for 2017!
      We will continue to offer specific tracks based on panelist availability, so some tracks may not be available in all regions on all dates. The calendar will have the most current information soon.

      Note, we will plan on holding defenses the same week for all regions. Locations include Palo Alto, Staines, and Sydney.

      We will also be releasing v6 of all tracks, starting with VCDX6-DCV - look for that website to be live within the next couple weeks.

      The schedule is:

      Dec 2, 2016 - applications due
      Feb 13-17 - defenses

      Mar 10 - applications due
      May 22-26 - defenses

      June 9 - applications due
      Aug 21-25 - defenses

      Sep 22 - applications due
      Dec 4-8 - defenses