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        maslen Lurker

        [In reply to message 5 by h3x40rb1t about using IE 11 "Enterprise Mode"]


        Thanks -- very helpful.


        I'm not on Windows 8.1, I'm on 2008 R2 (i.e. Windows 7, roughly) and using ye very olde vSphere Web Client Integration Plug-in 5.1.0 (don't ask), which by default definitely doesn't like IE 11, but Enterprise Mode worked wonders:  not only does "Use Windows session authentication" now work but, more importantly, virtual-machine consoles now work.


        In my case I just edited the local group policy for the machine and, in the administrative template for IE, enabled the setting that lets me toggle Enterprise Mode from IE's Tools menu.  (Perhaps this will get overwritten by our domain group policy;  time will tell).

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          Vikash_M Lurker

          Hi There,


          I have tried all the suggestions posted here or anywhere I could find in google.

          Client Integration Plugin 5.6 is still not detected in my system.

          I have 2008r2 installed and tried IE11/Firefox/Chrome (several versions)

          Please help as it is very frustrating now.

          I don't have AD so no FQDN. Using IP Address to access web client.

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            andya201110141 Novice

            Thanks for all posts. 

            I had been using FireFox, but there is some functionality that is not working/available in FireFox. I spoke with a VMware engineer at a VMUG and he stated to use either Chrome preferably or IE11. Company policy doesn’t allow Chrome.

            I started receiving this message after running Windows Updates on 10 Enterprise when opening IE11. I had been using IE11 for weeks without issue.

            I added the FQDN to the Local Intranet zone in IE11, but was still receiving the message.

            On this Discussion, I followed ericmowatt and BKNZC’s suggestions with these changes.

            Uninstalled the Client Integration tools from Program and Features

            Browsed to the VMware folder and removed all residuals from the Client Integration tools installation. Be sure to check the parent folder before uninstalling to be sure you don’t delete other VMware software installation files.

            Restarted the pc.

            Right clicked the installer and ran as admin. Originally I had saved the Client Integration tools installer versus running it.

            Right clicked IE11 and ran as admin. Then checked to be sure the FQDN was still in Local Intranet zone.

            Went to the vCenter server URL and logged in. All functionality is there.

            I had used FireFox again since it’s my browser of choice to do some quick tasks in vCenter. The next time I used IE11 I received the above message again. So, I went back through the steps again and now IE11 is working without the message and all functionality is back.

            It appears in my case, IE11 and FireFox have an issue. I still use FireFox most of the time and IE11 has not had any issues with vCenter since I’ve not accessed vCenter with FireFox.

            vCenter Server 6.0 U2 on server 2012 R2 ver 6.3.9600  

            vSphere 6.0 U2

            IE11 11.321.14393.0 on Windows 10 Enterprise ver 10.0.14393

            FireFox ESR 45.4.0

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