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    Limit AppStack to Endpoints

    msrlrocket Lurker

      Hi, We are beginning our deployment with AppStacks. I have an application that I have to have limited to certain endpoints for licensing reasons. I use floating desktops so the machines the users get are random. I would like to assign an appstack to a user group and them limit the attachment of that appstack on the endpoint name. As far as I can tell the name its pulling for the attachment is the VM name and not the endpoint name. I would like it to pull from the volatile environment if possible. Now do we know where AppVolumes is pulling the hostname? I might be able to spoof that registry with the hostname of the endpoint instead of the vm. Thoughts?

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          Smoke14 Hot Shot

          Form my understanding of your statement above, you will want to use the App Volumes user assignment, not machine assignment.


          Create an AD AppStack security group for the application and place all users that have permission to use that application. This will only attach the AppStack for the users that are in the AD security group.


          FYI, if your using some kind of profile management, like UEM, you can leverage Application Blocking for that application, This is, if you have a group of apps in one AppStack and you need to control who launches that particular licensed application. You also can control the shortcuts from being visible or not at login time.


          If I miss read what your looking for, please give an example and more details for us to try and help you out.

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            My guess is he wants to attach the appstack when the VDI has a specific name or prefix, am I right?


            When assigning an appstack there's an option that says "Limit attachment of these assignments to specific computers". If you enable this you can use any computer name or prefix for the machine you would like to limit the appstack to.

            Otherwise you can indeed follow Mike's option

            Either way, you can only assign appstacks to either users or computer accounts, not both .

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              julatoski Hot Shot
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              Hi msrlrocket,


              This sounds like it might be a good feature request. 


              Are you looking to pass the endpoint name (of machine the user is physically using) to App Volumes to decide if an AppStack gets delivered?


              Thanks for your interest!