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    Upgrade path to vSphere 6 with multiple sites

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      Here's what I currently have at 3 different sites. All with separate SSO domains.


      Site 1 - vCenter Server 5.5 on a Windows Server and local SQL database

      Site 2 - vCenter Server 5.5 on the appliance

      Site 3 - vCenter Server 5.5 on the appliance


      Goal - All upgraded to vCenter Server 6. Utilize enhanced linked mode between all 3 sites. If one site goes down, other 2 sites function fine. When the downed servers is back, it functions fine with the others.


      I'm not sure the best way to get to my goal. Will this be supported? Do I need to have one SSO domain before I go to 6? The third topology down on KB2108548 looks close to what I'm describing, but the KB does not name the topology or give an upgrade path for it. I'm looking forward to the new features of 6 and would appreciate some help to get my architecture done correctly.


      List of recommended topologies for VMware vSphere 6.0.x (2108548) | VMware KB