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    Network shared folders does not work using NAT

    ljaquet Lurker

      Hi, I recently update to Mac OS Sierra, Fusion 8.5 and Windows 10 Anniversary.


      Since, I cannot access any network folders (Windows servers, NAS...) in Windows, if I share my network connection (Internet Sharing, NAT) with my host (Mac).

      I can ping the servers, even open the web page of the NAS... But I don't see any server in the computers window ! I tried to re-install the VMware tools (manually). Same behaviour.


      If I change the Fusion adapter settings to "Bridged Networking", it works as expected and I see immediately many servers in the computers window !


      Who is the faulty software? Is it a bug? What can I do to use the "Internet Sharing" configuration?


      Thx in advance!

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