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      • 180. Re: ESXi inside KVM
        Hejdesgaard Lurker

        I just installed esxi6u2 on top of qemu-2.7.0, following https://allyourco.de/running-vmware-esxi-under-qemu-kvm/


        I'm using virt-manager-1.3.2 for qemu management.

        Now I tried to deploy the vcsa, it got pushed to the esxi host and then I got a PSOD with the error:"PCPU 0 locked up. Failed to ack TLB invalidate" I suspect it's an issue with about multiple sockets instead of one socket with multiple cores.

        I have changed the cpu setting to current allocation: 2, topoligy: 1 socket, 2 cores, 1 thread. This seems to work.


        Another issue I encountered is that esxi refuses to boot the vcsa appliance, complaining about: "you are running vmware esx through an incompatible hypervisor" and vmware KB 2108724 specifies that the vm's config has to be altered to add vmx.allowNested=TRUE for the nested VM to run.

        If you have access to powercli, then you can set this new adv. setting the following way:

        connectVIserver [ESXi host]

        get-vm [vm name] | new-advancedsetting -name vmx.allowNested -value 'TRUE'

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