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    Custom Groups -- Policys -- Members

    JimKnopf99 Master

      Hello all,


      i have an strange issue with custom groups and the associated policys. I have build some groups and different policys to fetch the need of different VM needs.

      So far, so good. The group association is build on Folders, that i have created in vSphere. I move the VM´s to that folders as it should.


      Now, if i create a group and build the membership criteria, i used Relationship -- Child of -- is -- my folder name

      If i click on Preview, i saw all my VM´s as they are in the vSphere folder. But..


      If i save the group and click on it, there are not all VM´s showing up under the related objects. For example. I have an folder with 194 VM´s but ony 74 are listed.

      I need that to create different policys for different VM´s. Or also to create a view and other stuff.


      I have installed the latest version of vRealize. vSphere is running on 5.5 latest patch release.


      Any help would be appreciated.