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    scrollbar is always display and openModalDialog() api problem in 6.5RC HTML web client

    dhbtemp Novice

      Hi laurentsd,


      When I use API WEB_PLATFORM.openModalDialog() to Open a Dialog, the dialog shows very strange.

      There is no Dialog Title area, and the scrollbar is always display(even though I have already set value "no" to the scrollPolicy parameter).


      I test it use html-client-sdk\samples\globalview-html sample, only modify file globalview-html\src\main\webapp\resources\js\mainView.js


         $("#helloBtn").click(function() {

      //       openModalDialog(title, url, width, height, objectId, scrollPolicy, showCloseButton)

      //       title: the dialog title.

      //       url: url to the html content.

      //       width, height: the width and height in pixels

      //       objectId: (optional) id of the target object

      //       scrollPolicy: (optional) "yes", "no" or "auto"

      //       showCloseButton: (optional) true or false


             var url = "globalview/resources/dialogView.html";

             WEB_PLATFORM.openModalDialog("This is ModalDialog Title", url, 500, 300, null, "no", false);




      the result see Attachments openModalDialog-api-test.png.


      By the way, I also find that the scrollbar in MainView Area is always display(refer Attachments manageView-scrollbar-is-always-show.png).

      It seems that I cannot make scrollbar disappear, because this area seems beyond the control of plugin(refer Attachments manageView-scrollbar-controll-area.png).


      my test environment:

        • html-client-sdk :  vSphere Web Client 6.5.0 build 4234016

        • vCenter Server : 6.0 u2


      Please let me know if you have any suggestions to resolve it.