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    UI extension point "vsphere.core.vm.manageViews " missing in 6.5RC HTML web client?

    dhbtemp Novice

      Hi laurentsd,


      My project need extend HTML5 client plugin on ' vsphere.core.vm.manageViews' extendedPoint.
      Before vSphere 6.5 , I can find my plugin on VM-->Manage-->(myPlugin project>) view.
      I find that it has already changed to VM-->Configure-->(myPlugin project>) View at vSphere6.5 Web Client(Flash) when I use the same extendedPoint.


      But now, I can't find VM-->Configure View at vSphere HTML5 Web Client build 4234016, and there is no my plugin extendedPoint information on VM node.


      I have already tested html-client-sdk\samples\globalview-html sample(see Attachments vm-extensionPoint-missing.png).


      my test environment:
        • html-client-sdk :  vSphere Web Client 6.5.0 build 4234016
        • vCenter Server : 6.0 u2


      my test plugin.xml also refer Attachments.