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    vSphere Client console only showing part of VM screen

    titaniumlegz Lurker

      I saw a similar thread, but no answer that has helped.

      ESXi6 build 2494585 / vCenter 6 build 3634793 Windows version

      Web Client is borked due to DNS issue, and I'm trying to fix the AD/DNS server which is a VM on this ESXi under this vCenter.  When I open the console from the vSphere Client (non Web Client), I get the upper left part of the VM screen (see attached image), which makes it really hard to use the VM.  The slider bars don't actually do anything.  Tried resizing window, checking/unchecking autofit.  Fit Window / Guest seem greyed out.


      Happens on all the VMs I've tried, whether vSphere Client logged in to VC or ESXi.

      Tried increasing video memory for the VM.  Installed VMware Tools on one VM that didn't have it.  (That's really fun when you can only see about 1/9th of the screen!)
      I suspect video driver or something on my laptop, and gonna ask other on my team what they see, but wanted to hear if the mindshare here has seen similar.