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    Profile management daas

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      Hi VMware Community,


      I am working with the DaaS client and I have a user that when they log into the DaaS environment and launch outlook they have to run through the first time setup wizard each time when they login. We have re-created the user's daas profile and when they log back in they get the same result the first time setup wizard does not save the settings after logging in. Anyone ever run into this issue? Confirmed we are using persona management has been configured in Group policy. This issue is not every user, when i check the local and roaming settings in the app data location of the user profile for outlook it looks like no data is being saved when the user logs off. When i compare other user's app data files for local and roaming profiles data is being saved to those profiles. We even logged into the desktop the user was on to ensure no previous credentials were being stored, however this is a non-persistent desktop environment and the data is removed every time the user logs off the client.


      Anyone have any additional troubleshooting suggestions/?