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    Help Setting up Development Environment for C#

    mark7five7 Novice



      I am very new to using C# so maybe this is more of a simple matter of me missing something simple but I am trying to use the VMWare VSphere SDK for 5.5.  I am following the following article to set up my environment:


      vSphere 5.5 Documentation Center


      I am having a hard time with step 3 "generate the VimService.cs file"


      The error that I am getting from wsewsdl3 is as follows:


      Error:  Invalid URL, or File 'and' not found.


      At first, I thought this was maybe an issue with the environment variables that I set but I did a cd to each variable and they are valid.  I also ensure that both the vim.wsdl and the VimService.wsdl are both located at the paths specified.  I am not sure where the command is getting the "'and'" from.  I did a direct copy and paste out of the documentation for the command to ensure that I did not have any typos when I manually typed in the command.



      Operating System:  Windows 7

      Visual Studio 2013 Professional