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    Unable to connect to vCenter 6 web client

    samharber Lurker

      Good morning all,


      I did a bad thing. I made a change to the DNS settings somewhere in the vcenter web client, and forgot to document it. When I came back to it after lunch, the page had refreshed and just shows a DNS error.

      When I connect to

      IE shows "Make sure the web address https://vcenter.company.internal is correct"

      Chrome shows "Unable to resolve the server's DNS address"

      I can connect via SSH, and there appears to be nothing wrong in either /etc/resolv.conf or etc/sysconfig/network/config

      Is there anywhere else to look for config files?


      It's an inherited system that I'm trying to rationalise. Unfortunately restoring from backup is not an option at the moment, as the backup server is powered down on an ESXi 5.5 host that nobody has the root password for.


      Any help would be much appreciated.