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    Under/Over Provisioned Virtual Machines

    Dryv Enthusiast

      Hi Guys,


      I am very very new to Capacity Planning and vROps.


      I'm starting to see vROps is huge! massive! but I think what I need is something very simple I hope...


      I need to be able to show either through a dashboard or a report that my VMs are spec'd optimally. By this I mean it shows me for example a VM has 8 vCPU and 64gb RAM, but it doesnt need it and could be stripped to 4vCPU and 32gb RAM.


      Is this possible? if so, could you guys provide me some direction on how I could configure this and demo it as I'm on a trial version at the moment?



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          ShawnPD Novice

          Once you select your object of interest (cluster, virtual data center et al) you can select the "Reports" tab.  Within that tab you will see a report templates and Generate Reports button as well as actions designated with icons (New Template etc).  Below that you should see a list of    pre create report names including oversized and stressed vm reports.  If you highlight the report then select the Run template icon, the completed report should show up in the generated reports area.  Once the report is complete you can then open as a pdf or csv.  It is also possible to create a custom report that could show both oversized and stressed in the same report but I have not had the chance to try that yet.

          Hope I did not over state the obvious! 

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            Dryv Enthusiast

            Hi ShawnPD


            no you absolutely did not state the obvious.. I am very grateful for the answer in indeed.


            Im reading and watching videos around creating custom groups and linking policies to them etc etc...


            but to do what you mention below do I need to configure anything else after the vcenter connection has been configured?


            Like can I just browse to my datacenter within vrops once everything has been discovered after the vcenter connector has been configured and follow the steps below? Or do I need to configure custom group to look at my whole datacenter so a report can be generated to show what I am looking for?


            as I said I just want to pull a report that tells me from ALL my VMs across different clusters all within the same datacenter which ones are over provisioned and which ones under provisioned... I just need a way to reclaim wasted space that App teams claim they need... I have too many 12-16 core VMs floating around ...

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              Dryv Enthusiast

              Hi ShawnPD


              Firstly I wanted to thank you for the direction below...I did exactly as you said... and it worked after a days worth of collecting data!!!


              All I did was configure the vCenter connector and let it go and start collecting! I havent needed to create any additional policies or custom groups over the standard default, so really happy about that.


              I've pulled the report that was of interest and it shows me exactly what I need... CPU/Memory Provisioned, Recommended and Reclaimable


              However I have another question now...if you could be so kind... how can a powered on VM with 1CPU Core Provisioned, have a CPU recommendation of 1 and CPU Reclaimable of 1? Kind of confused by that... I cant reclaim the only CPU it has, can I? and there's quite a few of these VMs mentioned in the list!