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    Active Directory authentication individual users work, groups do not

    Rexit1982 Lurker

      I've got a weird auth problem on a log insight cluster.  I have AD integration enabled, it all tests out and if I add an AD user explicitly to the users section they can log in without a problem.  If I add a group members of that group get an Invalid username/password error.  The group name appears to be validated properly because if I change a letter or a space I get an error about trying to add an invalid group.

      Originally deployed 3.3, in-place upgraded to 3.6.  Other than that everything seems to be running just fine. Anyone else run into this behavior before?  I've got an SR but the tech initially asked about trusts (which there are trusts but the users/groups in question are members of the directly configured domain) and I do not think that my explanation was properly received.