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    vROPS 7

    cgrvy Enthusiast

      Anyone hear any rumors about the next release of vROPS - will it be another minor jump to 6.3 or a major jump to version 7? Likelihood of it being announced at VMworld US?


      What is everyone hoping to see in the next release?

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          Souad90 Enthusiast

          Many things:

          - A better report format

          - Being able to hide the default dashboards (Recommendation,  Diagnose and Self Health)

          - Export many super metrics at the same time in one file

          - The custom view being a source interaction for another widget

          - Metrics about overcommitment memory

          - More metrics about the snapshots as: Name, description ...







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            Bleeder Hot Shot

            It appears that 6.3 is going to be the next release based on last week's update to the vRealize Operations Guide: https://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/pdf/vi_vrops_guide.pdf


            There is also a KB article mentioning 6.3 here: https://kb.vmware.com/kb/2140808

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              Iwan Rahabok Expert
              VMware Employees

              We've just released 6.3.

              To know the road map, ask your VMware contact.

              • For customers, that means their Account Rep, SE, TAM, BCS, MCS.
              • For partners/resellers, your VMware partners Sales or SE
              • For alliance, your VMware Alliance Sales or SE

              If they do not know, they can tap the help of the Specialist.


              If you know the Product Manager, Product Owner, Product Marketing or Customer Success Engineering team, you can also ask them :-)


              Hope that helps


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                sxnxr Master



                read through the notes and spotted this gem that could have screwed us


                Updating the Endpoint Operations Management Agent

                You must update Endpoint Operations agents to version 6.3 before you update vRealize Operations Manager to version 6.3. There is no backward compatibility for previous versions of Endpoint Operations Management agents and vRealize Operations Manager 6.3 only works with version 6.3 of Endpoint Operations agents.

                Separate processes are required for updating vRealize Operations Manager and for updating the Endpoint Operations Management agent.

                Before you can update an Endpoint Operations Management agent, you must satisfy various prerequisites. A specific process must be followed to ensure a successful update. The necessary information is documented in these KBs: KB 2146446 and KB 2146447.

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                  Merrillian Lurker

                  Our Dev upgraded to 6.3 without adjusting ep-agents.  No issues, but YMMV.

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                    future2000 Enthusiast

                    I would like to see:-


                    Compliance with built in enforcement.

                    More dynamic automation options in response to alerts. Self healing capabilities,