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    VPXd events not visible in Log Insight

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      We use Log Insight 3.6. vCenter 6 Update 2 Appliance with a seperate PSC.


      We have configured vSphere intergration and the Log Insight vSphere dashboard is populated. Our ESXi Hosts are logging fine. Events, alarms etc are all received fine as well.


      In the vCenter Server - Overview dashboard. No events are received. Nothing which appears in the VPXd log is being seen or can be found in log insight. No performance data is being received either in the vCenter Server - Performance dashboard.


      vCenter Server appliance has been configured to forward UPD syslog traffic to Log Insight with the following configuration (IP has been removed) in the /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf file.


      source vpxd {

             file("/var/log/vmware/vpx/vpxd.log" follow_freq(1) flags(no-parse));

             file("/var/log/vmware/vpx/vpxd-alert.log" follow_freq(1) flags(no-parse));

             file("/var/log/vmware/vpx/vws.log" follow_freq(1) flags(no-parse));

             file("/var/log/vmware/vpx/vmware-vpxd.log" follow_freq(1) flags(no-parse));

             file("/var/log/vmware/vpx/inventoryservice/ds.log" follow_freq(1) flags(no-parse));



      # Remote Syslog Host

      destination loginsight {

             udp("x.x.x.x" port (514));



      # Log vCenter Server vpxd log remotely

      log {





      How can I troubleshoot this issue. I wish to be able to query VPXD logs in Log Insight.



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          The vSphere content pack comes with setup instructions -- from the /contentpack page, select vSphere, select the gear icon, and select Setup Instructions. You will see for VC you must use the LI agent with the included agent groups. Syslog will not work with the content pack. I hope this helps.


          vCenter Server Application Logs


          The Log Insight agent should be installed on vCenter Server -- either Windows or Virtual Appliance. For Virtual Appliance instances running vSphere 6.x the vSphere 6.x - VCSA (Linux) Essential agent group should be enabled and configured. The vSphere 6.x - VCSA (Linux) Complete agent group can be used for more comprehensive vCenter Server application log collection though the vSphere content pack does not leverage these additional log files today.

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            future2000 Enthusiast

            Thanks Steve. Appreciate you taking the time to reply. I was able to:-


            Install the Linux agent on my PSC and vCenter

            Enable the vSphere 6.x - VCSA (Linux) Essential agent group and filter on OS.


            I can now see the VPXd logs and a lot more too!