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    Increase the count of VM power on's during Host failure in HA?

    lvaibhavt Hot Shot

      Hi All,


      For example; I have 10 ESXi 5.5 hosts in a cluster and each ESXi Hosts is running approx. 30 virtual machines; in total I have 300 VM’s on all hosts


      I have configured HA and all looks well ; one of the ESXi Hosts fails and HA will move over the VM’s to other hosts ; I understand that VM’s with their priority sets will start accordingly ; considering all the vm’s have medium priority


      I have read HA deep dive by Duncan and I understand how it works in the background ; the utilization on the cluster is at approx. 50%


      I would like to know How many VM's by default are powered on by HA when a host fails? I would like to know can I speed up the process of powering on the VM’s? Will the master ESXi Host power on 3 or 4 VM’s at a time or is it one by one? Can I increase the number that Master Host powers on 10 or 15 VM’s at a time?


      Thanks in advance