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    Centos virtual machine won't boot with 42 GB of RAM

    vbabic Novice



      I have a strange issue with some of our virtual machines. They are configured with 42 GB of RAM and when they are first powered on, everything is ok. First reboot is also ok but after the second reboot, the virtual machine hangs immediately after the grub screen.

      The issue is easily reproduced (power on and first reboot are always ok, second reboot always hangs).

      What we found out is that everything is ok if we change the amount of RAM to anything else (we tried 32, 33, 40, 41, 43 GB).

      The VMs are deployed from the same template as a lot of other VMs which don't have such issues.

      Did anyone else find this problem?

      Of course, now we have an easy workaround, but still, it is an interesting issue..

      OS is Centos 7, ESXi version is 5.5 Update 3b (build 3343343)


      Kind regards, Vjeran