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    vSphere Essentials Plus Kit and custom ESXi images

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      Are ESXi hypervisors from  vSphere Essentials Plus Kit the same ones used in vSphere Standard/Enterprise editions? Can i expect to use Fujitsu Custom Image for ESXi 6.0U2 hypervisor and use them with vCenter Server Essentials?Or are these Fujitsu Custom Image for ESXi used only with standard edition vSpehere editions?

      We just ordered 3 Fujitsu Primergy servers with 3x2 CPUs and vSphere Essentials Plus Kit. I really hope i will be able to use Fujitsu ServerView Suite plugins for vSphere web client to bi able to monitor hardware of three new hosts. To be able to do that i plan to use Fujitsu custom ESXi images but can't confirm that they are compatible with vSphereServer  Essentials (kit).


      Can anyone confirm that?


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          yes of course... esxi image is the same for every license edition... In this way you could simply switch from one edition to another without reinstall hypervisor. In the same way all custom images bring the similar way to switch between every license, this because the starting image is the same from every customized images and consequently has the same behavior.

          The only thing to pay attention is the vCenter edition:

          - if you are using essential kit license you must use vCenter license for essential

          - if you are using acceleration or std, ent or ent+ license you must use vCenter std or foundation (max 3 host)

          Hope this could useful



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            Like already stated above, there is no different image for particular edition... no matter if you download the VMware image or the OEM customized image, the unique difference will be some additional drivers present on OEM customized image, but talking about licensing, the same license can be used.


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