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    Storage vMotion with PowerCLI

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      What is the easiest way to storage vmotion a VM with PowerCLI?

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          linotelera Hot Shot


          simply Move-VM cmdlet: http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-60/index.jsp#com.vmware.powercli.cmdletref.doc/Move-VM.html and use datastore as destination



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            piercj2 Enthusiast


            The easiest Way is Move-VM


            Below is a small script that I put together to help me with some VM Migrations I had recently.

            I got a lot of help with this from others on this forum so thanks to those guys.


            The script takes a list of VM Names from a text file and migrates them randomly to DataStores of your choosing.


            • if your datastore names are DataStore1, DataStore2, Datastore3, LabStorage1, LabStorage2, TestStorage1
            • you want to move from TestStorage1 to one of the "DataStoreX" locations, in the script, set $storage equal to DataStore
            • The Script checks the amount of free space on all the "DataStoreX" locations and makes sure that it's greater than Provisioned Space + 20%
            • If the amount of free space is ok, VM's are randomly moved to the new locations


            Hope this helps



            $filelocation = Read-Host "Please enter the name of the target file, include the full path, E.g. c:\Temp\List.txt"

            $VMs = get-vm (Get-Content $filelocation)

            $storage = Get-Datastore | where {$_.name -match “Your_DataStore_Name_Goes_here"}


            foreach ($v in $VMs) {

                $random_Datastore_in_array = Get-Datastore -Name $storage.name | where {$_.freespacegb -GE ($v.provisionedspaceGB*1.20)} | Get-Random -Count 1

                Write-Host "Storage vMotion of $v to $random_Datastore_in_array beginning"

                Move-VM -VM $v -Datastore $random_Datastore_in_array -Confirm:$false

                Get-VM $v | Get-Datastore |

                    select @{N="Date";E={(Get-Date).ToString()}},



                    @{N="FreeSpace (GB)";E={[math]::Round($random_Datastore_in_array.FreeSpaceGB)}} |

                    Export-Csv c:\Temp\Storage_migrations.csv -NoTypeInformation -Append



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              TheVMinator Master

              OK great - thanks!