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    Remove or Omit Default Gateway from 2nd NIC

    macdougall Novice

      I'm deploying multiple VMs with 2 NICs each. My script has the following lines to set the IP, Subnet and Gateway:



      $specClone = New-OScustomizationSpec -Spec $custspec -type nonpersistent


      $specClone | New-oscustomizationnicmapping -IpMode UseStaticIP -Ipaddress $ip1 -SubnetMask $subnet1 -DefaultGateway $gateway1 -Dns "" -Position 1

      $specClone | New-oscustomizationnicmapping -IpMode UseStaticIP -Ipaddress $ip2 -SubnetMask $subnet2 -DefaultGateway $gateway2 -Dns "" -Position 2


      Set-VM -Name $name -oscustomizationspec $specClone -erroraction silentlycontinue -runasync -confirm:$false



      My problem is that oscustomizationnicmapping by default requires that you enter a default gateway for the 2nd NIC but I don't want to do this for my configuration.


      I found an older article here, Deploying a VM with Multiple NICs in PowerCLI., where LucD mentions you can create your own adaptermapping object without defining a gateway.


      Is there an easier way to achieve omitting the 2nd default gateway that could be implemented with the "new-oscustomizationnicmapping" method that I'm currently using?

      Or do I have to go the more in-depth route and create custom "adaptermapping" objects to get this result?