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    Adaptec RAID 71605Q

    WildDoktor Novice

      My goal is to run esxi on a small ssd, then create a large RAID array that's hanging off an Adaptec RAID 71605Q card, in the same physical system.


      I'm struggling with this; I have esxi 6 (the free version of the hypervisor) running, I have a RAID5 array setup via the CTRL+A bios setup, but I can't get esxi to "see" the Adaptec controller.


      I've downloaded the vmware 6.0 drivers from the Adaptec site; used WinSCP to copy them to the host's tmp folder; ssh'd into the hose via putty and ran the command "esxcli software vib install -v {VIBFILE}" (of course using the vib filename); and rebooted the host. But...when I run the vmware client and connect to the host, I still can't see the Adaptec controllor, nor can I see the RAID array I created.


      So...how do I proceed?