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    Upgrade to ESXI 6.0 disappear after reboot

    JulienLM Lurker



      I just upgraded an ESXI 5.0 server to ESXI 6.0.

      The upgrade process went fine, the reboot right after the upgrade boots an ESXI 6.0.


      The server was working well during several day with this upgraded 6.0 version.


      This night we had a power default on this server, after the reboot the server went back to the ESXI 5.0 version !


      So i did the update another time to v6, all went well, the reboot after the upgrade boot on v6.

      After several minutes, rebooting the server, it switches back to v5... I tried to enter the ESXI recovery mode, the only supervisor installed is the v5...


      The ESXI server is installed on a SD card, I took care that the upgrade and the boot of the server were done on this one.


      Anyone had this problem before or have any idea ?


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