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    NSX Universal Controller Site Redundancy

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      Controllers in NSX function as the Control Plane for the Logical Switches(LS) and the Logical Routers(DLR). For the LS, MAC address learning and ARP Learning Process, and for the DLR sending of routing updates to routing instances is achieved through Controller. For the Universal LS and Universal DLRs, Universal Controllers provide these functions. Universal Controllers are associated with the Primary NSX Manager on Site A.


      In a 3 Site design, losing site A because of a Network Problem how will the Site2 and Site3 be effected? Is there a possibility to stretchor Distribute  the Controllers to 3 Sites,  1 Controller for each(as 3 controller is supported but theoretically it may be an odd number as 9), or recover these controllers on site B if with using Vmotion or SRM? But if they are tied to the Primary NSX Manager, I think not possible to register to Secondary NSX Managers.  If Site2  and 3 cannot reach the  controllers during this time frame the Universal LS and DLRs may have problems with new VM addtions, Vmotion of VMs. What may be recommandations?





      One workaraound may be to use Multicast Replication Mode, but Multicast service is not supported for many Service providers in an MPLS environment, and it makes the control plane design complicated.











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