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    PCoIP and Magtek Swipes

    Prestonr83 Lurker

      I am having an issue with using PCoIP and Magtek Centurion encrypting swipes. These swipes just show up as HID devices. When using PCoIP and doing a swipe not all the characters go through to the VDI. These devices just send ascii characters so I can open notepad and see whats going being sent to t he VDI. So when trying to process the credit cards it fails because not all the data is being input into the fields for credit processing. If I switch to RDP it works 8 out 10 times. It does lose some info sometimes but rarely where as on PCoIP I can swipe it 10 times and might be able to get it read correctly once.

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          Slushy Novice

          Greetings Preston.

          To use any sort of card reader, you need to have Teradici's firmware 3.2 and be running View 4.5. Contact Teradici at support@teradici.com for the firmware, and who ever your Vmware guy is for the 4.5 release date, if you do not have the RC.

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            Prestonr83 Lurker

            I am not using teradici clients I am using View Client. Is there a change to PCoIP in 4.5? I am not using any sort of USB redirection like I said it just works like a HID device and sends keystrokes. When using RDP all the key strokes come through but using PCoIP they do not. We had previous card swipes before a new PCI compliance that were not encrypting and they worked fine. The only difference between the two is the old ones only sent around 50 characters per swipe and the encrypting swipes send around 500.


            As a side note we do have 5 teradici clients and the issue is far worse using it but I am not worried about that at the moment as that is only 5 units vs 50 vie clients. On the teradici clients I have already spoken to teradici and upgraded to the 3.2 firmware and still no success.

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              jkelnhofer Novice

              I know this is an old post and I stumbled upon it actually looking for some security information.


              I ran into your issue many years ago when going live on View 5.2 VDI.


              Our fix was.


              Download the Magtek developer software.  You basically need to slow the card reader down.  Once you have the software, you can attach the card reader and run the following code: 010210


              This in a sense slows the read down just enough to stop the skipping of characters while reading.


              I know this is many years later, but maybe it will help someone in the future.


              Here is the link to the Demo Program.  You will want USB Swipe & Insert Reader



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                ManChild00 Novice

                Can confirm now in 2019 this is still a situation users attempting to use the MagTek swipers over VDI can run into.  And can also confirm that MagTek service sent identical info as mentioned by jkeInhofer above.  Another symptom we saw was the swipes occasionally hanging on one of the input digits and getting into some kind of loop behavior like one was just holding down a key on a keyboard, forever, until MagTek device unplugged.


                Install the Swipe and Read app without source code on a laptop or such windows machine as you can plug the swipers into.  Launch the app.  Plug in the swiper.  Wait for it to show up as Keyboard mode device detected.  Use the "Send Msg" field to run the 010205 or 010210 code into the device depending on how much of a slow down you need for it be stable.  Clear the code you just used in the Send Msg field and input 02 into the same field and send it - this will reboot the device and save the updated timing instructions.