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    office365 Visio 2016 or Project 2016

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      Firstly -  I am aware that Office 2016 is unsupported.

      Ive followed different guides on doing appstacks for Project and Visio 2010  when using a KMS server, which have worked very well.


      But this is different,

      I want to have office 365 (2016 client) in the base image and i want a Project 2016 appstack. this uses the E3 licence agreement and should activate on first launch (probably with Shared computer licensing).


      Has anyone achieved this ?



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          cH1LL1 Enthusiast

          I gave up on this due to time constraints.


          I  now have the following:


          Office 365 2016 (in the base image) + Visio STD 2010 Appstack (kms activation)

          Office 365 2016 (in the base image) + Project STD 2010 Appstack (kms activation)

          follow the same procedure outlined here from some champions at Gantech http://gantech.net/creating-app-volumes-appstacks-with-microsoft-office-products/

          one interesting thing to note....IF you are deploying Visio 2010 STD and **NOT** Premium.

          1. you will be using the same ISO installer for STD/Premium.

          2. By default it will install Premium.

          3. Go online and use the KMS key here KMS Client Keys - BonusBits

          3.Once installed.o to add remove programs - select Microsoft Visio 2010 Premium click"Change" and update the license key to the KMS 2010 STD key you found online above.Which probably ends in "***.***.****.***.KHFGJ".

          then do the KMS activation outlined in Gantech article... it will then start to activate against your KMS server if an office 2010 key is installed and active.

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            Sorry forgot to add...Step 4 Reboot before finishing your Appstack creation. this then allows the product to change and reflect Add remove programms as Visio STD not premium.