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    VMware ESXi 5.5 U1 configuration with QNAP TS-870 using iSCSI

    LSCurrier Lurker

      I am trying to configure my VMware ESXi 5.5 U1 host to have a datastore on my QNAP TS-870 using iSCSI.

      Following the configuration everything is functional and I can access the new datastore to upload files to it, but minute I reboot the host all is lost and I get a "Could Not Connect" error when trying to connect to the host using the vSphere Client as follows:


      vSphere Client count not connect to "192.168.x.x

      An known connection error occurred.  (The server could not interpret the client's request. (The remote server returned an error:  (503) Server Unavailable.))


      This issues has been driving me crazy for a week and I cannot find resolution.


      Does anyone have thoughts on why this is happening?


      Your input is very much appreciated.