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    Workstation 12 has no unity mode for linux

    monteleo Lurker

      A a vmware professional user since many years I'm very disappointed by the decision to discard in version 12 of Unity mode support in Linux. This was a key feature for me, any hope to get it back?

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          wila Guru
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          VMware has a policy on not to comment on future features (even if it is about bringing back a retired feature)

          As it was retired, I'm not holding my breath here on hoping they will bring it back.


          Also see:

          workstation 12 has no unity mode for linux hosts or guests




          You can ofcourse always file a feature request (which is better as posting in the forums about it as it ends up in the system)

          Feature Requests




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            AnthonyNeal Lurker

            Hi there,


            I'd like to add my support behind monteleo's dissatisfaction with the decision to remove Unity support for Linux guests.


            I am a software development consultant, I have been using VMware Workstation for about 6 years on various projects. I was using V8 up until today when I needed to upgrade to support new guest OS' versions.


            I have been using Unity mode for a collection of CentOS, Fedora and other Linux guests and now find myself in a position where my day-to-day work will be affected.  Had I known that this decision had been made by VMware I would not have upgraded and would have found another way forward.


            I do not know where VMware received their information on this feature not being used very much, but I certainly was not informed of the decision nor consulted about whether I used it.

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              monteleo Lurker

              In version 12.5 there is still no sort of substitute/alternative of unity mode.

              I have installed Oracle virtual box that has a similar feature, a bit slower but it is a mature products and works quite well. After many years with VMware I'm planning to switch to vbox in all my linux machines.

              It is a pity that VMware does not care customer needs and decided to remove such a key feature.