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    VMware Player: /usr/bin/vmware-user not being invoked with Linux Mint 18

    RogerSC Novice

      Since I couldn't find anywhere else to post a VMware Player issue, I'm posting it here. Hopefully this is okay.


      I've installed Linux Mint 18 as a guest OS in a VM with VMware Player. All went fine, until I tried to install vmware-tools using the usual "copy the source of the virtual install CDROM and build in /tmp". This didn't work, even though the build itself looked much like it did with Linux Mint 17.3 where it did work (compile errors for missing "struct file" member "f_dentry").


      So I used this document to re-build vmware-tools on Linux Mint 17.3 just to see if it would work:


      Error VMware Tools Installation (Shared Folder) - Ubuntu 15.04 [SOLVED!]


      This worked fine on Linux Mint 17.3 without compile errors (that I noticed), so I tried it on Linux Mint 18. It seemed to work fine there as well, until it came time to restart the VM, and see if I could get the desktop in the VM to go full screen. It would not go full screen, so I tried manually starting /usr/bin/vmware-user, and that did it. However, I don't want to be running this manually, even though it seems to work.


      Now I'm wondering why /usr/bin/vmware-user isn't run automatically on Linux Mint 18 startup like it is on Linux Mint 17.3...I looked and virtually the same startup directory is there on /etc/vmware-tools on both versions of Linux Mint, 17.3 and 18. The only thing that I can figure is that they changed the way the system is brought up in Linux Mint 18, and vmware-user is not being run as part of that.


      Anyone else run into this, and have any ideas on how to get this to be run as the Linux Mint 18 VM comes up?