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    Entitle users not able to connect to Flex Server through Vmware Player

    sreekumarpg Lurker

      Hello All,


      I have created a Vmware Horizon Server With Flex. Created Windows Image and Registered the VM in Flex web console. Configured the Policy and entitle some windows domain users to use that Image.


      I have created a Group called "Mirageadmin" and added two users into this group. Mirageadmin is a part of local administrator group and also added to administrator group in Mirage console. These two users can loginto the Horizon flex web console.


      My issue is that , when the entitled user connect to the Flex Server through Vmware Player , its showing user name or password was incorrect,please try again. But the user name and password is correct. Later i have added one of the user in Mirgaeadmin group to the Entitle Policy. Then this user can able to connect to Flex Server through Vmware Player .

      1. Does the entitle users need to be a part of local admin group of the Flex Server ?

      2. Do i need to add these entitled users somewhere in mirage console ?


      Please support.