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    "Already Used" after every log off since upgrade to 5.1.3

    GCIT2013 Novice

      Last week we performed the update from 5.1.0 to 5.1.3 to resolve a minor issue but now we are having a larger one. Every linked clone machine goes into an Already Used state after the user logs off of it. Or even with our pools that have provisioned machines sitting, when someone logs on one, and the provisioned machine then attempts to become available it goes to Already Used. I used to find machines in this state every once in a while and I would just remove them but now it is nearly every machine every time it attempts to refresh.


      Through the update I patched the View Connection Server, Security Server, and the View Agent all to 5.1.3. View Composer is at 3.0 and vSphere at 5.0.


      I have found the KBs about changing the pae-DirtyVmPolicy from 0 to 1 or 2. If I do that, yes it will make the desktops available and not held up until I can manually remove them but I would like to fix the real reason this is happening since it is almost every single desktop every single time someone logs off. If I change the policy it'll be deleting machines constantly rather than refreshing properly like they should be,


      We cannot upgrade higher than 5.1.3 because our storage won't support it at this time. Anyone have any ideas?