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    Remote Console Bug is Creating a vSS instead of connecting to a existing vDS port group

    greglamb Lurker

      We have discovered a bug that we would like to report. When creating a network adapter and then attaching it to a vDS port group from within the Remote Console when pressing OK vCenter actually creates a vSS without any uplinks. This bug is easily re-creatable in our environment.


      We created a VMware SR 3762996 to report the bug however it has been 5+ weeks without a response.



      A newly created VM


      1. Launch Remote Console
      2. Manage - Virtual Machine Settings
      3. Remove the NIC (no NICS remaining)
      4. OK
      5. Manage - Virtual Machine Settings
      6. Add - Network Adapter, Network Connection - select a VLAN (port group on a vDS is displayed), connect at power-on
      7. Finish
      8. Within the Guest-OS the network adapter is displayed as disconnected
      9. From the Remote Console - Manage - Virtual Machine Settings the Network Adapter device status: connected (is not selected)
      10. Select Connected; error: Failed to connect virtual device ethernet0
      11.From the vSphere Web Client. vCenter - Networking View a new vSS is created with the vDS port group name.
      12. From the Remote Console - Manage - Virtual Machine Settings, remove the network adapter, OK
      13. From the vSphere Web Client. vCenter - Networking View - the vSS is removed


      From the vSphere Web Client - VM and Templates view - VM - Edit Settings, adding the network adapter and selecting the vDS Port Group behaves correctly.


      For some reason the Remote Console is creating a vSS named the vDS port group when adding a network adapter.



      vCenter - version: / Build: 3339083
      VMware Remote Console - version: 8.0.0
      Guest OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)
      Compatibility: ESXi 6.0 and later (VM version 11)
      VMware Tools: Running, version:10240 (Current)