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    Marvell with ESXi 6.0 on Lenovo D20

    bdf0506 Novice

      I'm trying to get a Marvell RAID controller to work on ESXi 6.0 on my Lenovo D20. I installed the custom image of ESXi for Lenovo and all seems to work except for the RAID controllers.


      I've seen articles like this one: VMware Front Experience: How to make your unsupported SATA AHCI Controller work with ESXi 5.5 and 6.0


      But, I'm still unable to get the controller to be recognized by ESXi as persistent storage. I am able to get it to use the hard drives when I connect them to the optical SATA ports on the motherboard, effectively bypassing all RAID, but it's not the end result. Any ideas?


      0000:01:00.0 RAID bus controller Mass storage controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. MV64460/64461/64462 System Controller, Revision B

               Class 0104: 11ab:6485