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        mark.j Master
        VMware Employees

        The problem your experience sounds like it's true in some scenarios, but it's present across the board (all customers). Why don't you give GSS a call and open up a SR on it? If this is a corner case that some may experience, they'd need the SRs to reinforce the problem so we can public a KB with workaround (if necessary).

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          Anto1le Lurker

          Same problem here with :

          • vROps 6.2.0 Build 3528905
          • vCSA 6.0.0 Build 2997665 with external PSC / linked mode

          I have opened a ticket to the support and expecting for a return tomorow : The guy is trying to reproduce the issue on his lab.

          I keep you udated if they come back to me with something

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            vPAKMan Novice

            Thanks Anto1le.  I was trying to figure out when I could get opening an SR in my schedule for this. Here's hoping you and I have the same problem and it has a fix that you are able to relate in the forum.  Cheers.

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              shane_wendel Lurker

              Same issue here with vROPs


              Build 3528905


              and vCSA

              6.0.0 Build 3339084


              I verified that the vROPs account can access tags via PowerCLI and also that tags are being collected in the policy

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                vPAKMan Novice

                I finally got around to opening a case and I got the answer on the tags specifically


                From support:

                "it is usually resolved by first using the administrator@vsphere.local account to register the vSphere Adapter in vRealize Operations Manager... just restart the collector service to see if the tags come in."


                The problem is vCenter 6 changed the location of the tags and the permissions required to access that area.  vROPs team is working on a fix but there is no published ETA on that patch yet.  Changing the credentials back to the SSO Administrator gives you the permissions.  If, like me, you use a service account, you will have to create a custom role (if you do not have one already) and in the role permissions make sure you select the items in the "Global" category (screenshot attached).  Changing the credentials is not enough though.  There is something else going on where the tags won't just start coming in.  You have to restart the collector which support did by via SSH to my vROPs server and running the command "service vmware-vcops restart collectorservice". 


                Hope this helps someone else.



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                  Also in the case where you use vSphere administrator account: the key is to stop and start vSphere adapter in vR Ops after configuring vSphere tags in 6.x. I was using administrator, waiting for hours... as soon as the adapter was restarted the tags appeared.

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