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    How to setup vmware hands on lab?

    mohasamo Lurker

      hello everyone,i'm a student and i want your help;

      i want a method to setup vmware hands on lab;

      my scenario is a university who want to use a hands on lab on there own server, for exemple we have 30 student who have to do practical work but there computer can't support the lab,so they can make the practical work in university's server and every student keep his own session .

      Thank you for your help.

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          bsalek Expert
          VMware Employees

          There are quite a few blog posts about running nested hosts, but the HOL architecture is not trivial. It includes vSphere, vCloud Director, NSX and other adjacent VMware solutions, along with quite a bit of custom automation, and obviously, the entire user interface is custom. I believe it is available as a paid professional services engagement, but that would require your university working through their VMware account team.

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            mohasamo Lurker

            thank you for your responding, but that scenario i want to do it to practice and develop myself not for university this is why i asked help to find some method and idea to set it up.