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    Error installing vCenter Update Manager

    Neil Agate Lurker



      I am relatively new to the vCenter system.  I haave an ESXi host and have installed the vCenter server and vSphere Client.  I am trying to install the vVenter Update Manager and it goes through mopst of the installation and when it appears to be almost 100% thropugh it comes up witht he following error:


      Error 25012.Setup failed to configure Windows firewall


      the only option is to click OK which then rolls back the installation.


      When I first got the error I didn't even have Windows Firewall enabled, so I enabled it nd got the same error.  Then I went in and added a bunch of rules to open the prots it appears to need but still no luck.


      Anyone seen this before and have any idea how to resolve it.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.