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    Firewall rules for NSX across 2 vCentres

    yetanothertechie Lurker

      I have 2 vCentres, 1 in each physical site,  in linked mode and running NSX (only DFW component) on both of them. In each site, the ESX hosts in the clusters where I installed NSX are behind a firewall so I found this doc to get the required ports:

      VMware NSX 6.2 for vSphere Documentation Center


      I now have the ports open for the NSX Managers/vCentre server/ESX hosts on each site, i.e. rules allow NSX Manager/vCentre/ESX hosts to communicate within site 1 only.

      I have similar firewall rules for site 2.


      My question is, do I need firewall rules to allow the NSX Manager in site 1 to communicate with the vCentre and ESX hosts in site 2, and vice versa?


      Thanks for any help.