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      • 15. Re: Outlook 2010 on App Volumes using Writable Drive
        cH1LL1 Enthusiast

        @bclyde  -How did you direct your Ost files to sit on the Writable volume ?


        By means of GPO or manual setting per vm? if you could be as detailed as possible please.


        Many Thanks

        • 16. Re: Outlook 2010 on App Volumes using Writable Drive
          wickid Novice

          Hi Barry,


          Were you able to get Windows Search to index your Outlook content for fast search to function within Outlook?  I am using Outlook 2013 and can see the OST being pulled down to the local C: and replicated to the writable volume for my account.  When I log into a new floating VM, the OST file from the writable volume is copied back to the c:\users\<username>\appdata\local\microsoft\outlook location which is great.  The only issue I am fighting now is getting the Outlook content indexed so users can search the cached content locally without taking forever by disabling the Windows Search service.


          If you are still checking on this thread, would you let me know if you were able to get your Outlook content indexed for fast search?

          • 17. Re: Outlook 2010 on App Volumes using Writable Drive
            chevychevell68 Lurker

            I am also having this problem, but I thought it was related to a permissions problem.


            I have decided to save both Outlook info and Chrome data to the WV. I am getting an error related to permissions when creating a signature, or when I log out (normalmail.dotm). The error is related to permissions. The Chrome extensions are also not saving, with a similar permissions error. I am only testing this with my account and I am an admin on the box.


            I would also love to get indexing working, as well, if that's a different issue.

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