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    Issue with windows appliance

    tmr1311 Lurker

      Exploring vmware studio 2.6 to create a windows 2008 R2 x64 virtual appliance

      But Getting the following error with both static IP and DHCP



      04/05/2016 08:11:25 [info] Waiting for the OS and applications installation process to complete...

      04/05/2016 08:24:13 [info] The transient VM is now offline. Looking for post-OS installation log file...

      04/05/2016 08:24:13 [warn] Studio failed to receive post-OS installation log from the transient VM.



      Here are some possible reasons for the failure:

      - The VM failed to obtain a network address if it is configured to run on a DHCP network;

      - The VM ran on a network that could not communicate with the Studio;

      - The VM failed to report its network address to Studio through its web server (port 80)





      Any suggestions ?