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    Communication - VM with Multiple adaptors

    pdrp1985 Lurker


      I am facing issue with a VM where i have used 2 NIC cards. First one segment (VLAN tagged inside port group) is for general purpose and another one is for back to back connectivity (VLAN as none) with another virtual machine. For adaptor 1, have used default gateway and its routed in L3 Switch. The Second adaptor is configured without gateway and its not routed in Switch.

      Similarly i have another VM in another ESXi host. Both ESXi hosts are in same cluster.


      Now the problem is, some times the connectivity through Secondary adaptor is working fine. Sometimes its not. While checking the trace, its taking the Primary adaptor when we have issue. to fix this i need to add the static route to route the traffic via Secondary adaptor. Is this a normal behaviour. Is there any solution to fix this issue. so that i can go without static route inside the Server.